Burning Feeling In Your Throat heartburn

What Does Heartburn Feel Like

Orange Burps is an all natural supplement that has been developed to alleviate acid reflux symptoms. Its main ingredient D-Limonene (a chemical found in orange peel) is the key ingredient. This natural substance has been shown in studies to reduce heartburn and not affect stomach acid production. It is completely free of allergens, soy, gluten, and dairy products, and has been featured in national publications. This product is also GMP-certified and has no side effect.

Orange Burps contains ingredients that are safe for sensitive stomachs. It is made from orange peels, which contain d-limonene, a chemical that is clinically proven to help alleviate acid reflux. It is made from the same process as citrus oil, but it does not reduce stomach acid production. This ingredient is extracted directly from orange peels.

Heartburn ….. Orange Burps

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